The World Beauty Contest

We started from this premise and made the decision let’s give men a chance. Not just women!

To be even more pleasant, let’s give it a try younger people to participate in this contest.

When I say smaller I mean 7 categories age, both for girls and boys.

Imagine how fascinating it’s to have a chance to participate and win this international competition.

The World Beauty ContestThe international final I decided to be in December of the year 2022 in an exotic location and the decided day is 31.

I chose this date because it has a significance and strong load. It’s last day of the year, but also a crowned career start as a finalist in front of renowned designers who want participates in this international final in Dubai.

Registration for the contest is done by accessing the platform, fill in the registration details. Besides the fact that you register for the contest.

The registration in the platform gives you the chance to have access to the jobs you can find them on the platform.

Once registered in the platform you can choose the Platinum account. The benefits of the platinum account are multiple.

It will help to find the ideal job, it will also give you access to every jobs on the platform.

You can find the benefits on the platform and I guarantee that they will be useful in your life and career.

During the contest you can participate at various events that we also have in our portfolio and you can recover the tax paid.

Another great advantage is that you benefit from the guarantee “Money Back Guarantee”. Is our insurance for all those who pay the cost of registering on the platform regardless of the package you will opt for and represents quality satisfaction.

You will also benefit from the 200% guarantee.

The fact that you have a “Money Back Guarantee”, the 200% guarantee represents the security of the quality of our services and if you were not satisfied, the services have already been provided by the platform and you will recover the money in full.

About job insurance, is the first service this way in the world, and you can find the information on platform

The first step you need to take is to decide if you want and you are ready to participate to the contest and also if you are ready and determined to win it.

Once registered, you must prepare that’s why I recommend you to think seriously about what comes next.

Appearance is crucial but does not guarantee that it will help you win.

You have to be smart, casual, with a high self-esteem. This is the recipe for success!

~ How to register and how to vote in the contest ~

The contest will be held through a personal presentation with video that you upload to the platform where you created your account.

The presentations of each participant will be visible on all submission channels for the contest, including our Online TV WBCTV where they will run randomly.

Selection of the 100 (on all age categories) competitors who will participate in The final on the country is made by online voting.

To be able to vote in this contest, each person can register for free and exercises its right to vote. He has the right to one vote for each category.

The registration for the contest is made on the website through filling in the profile of each candidate, with all the fields mandatory.

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