BestCasting Models Agency founded in 2004, becomes one of the best modeling agencies in the world, representing some of the most successful faces of the fashion industry organizes The World Beauty Contest.

I start with a provocative question:
"You are ready to participate in the most
important international beauty contest? "
There are 2 sections made up of Men and Women! Exact!
You read very well!
Nowadays we are equal between genders!
There is no more discrimination between men and women!
So far there have been beauty contests
exclusively for women! And not for men!

We believe that our passion is the pillar of all the projects we implement and comes with the greatest benefit: the desire to continue what pleases us and to be better and better.

We are involved and committed to our work and we always want to get the best results ever! The motivation is reflected in the loyalty of the clients we have been working with for years and in the community that we managed to gather around our events

We started from this premise and made the decision
let's give men a chance, not just women!
To be even more pleasant, let's give it a try
younger people to participate in this contest
When I say smaller I mean 7 categories
age, both for girls and boys.
Imagine how fascinating it is to have a chance
to participate and can win this international competition
which takes place on 31.12.2022 in Dubai.

Rebecca Smith

Casting Manager
Talent Advisor

Esther Sommers


Bobbie McKeever

Event Manager

Odis Fannin


Lucy Harris